Vision and Mission Statement

Vision and Mission Statement
Our Vision

West Point Schools embraces the ever increasing challenges of living in the world today and thus seeks to engage the community in united efforts that will ensure all children reach their fullest development in academic, vocational, physical, and social education.

Our Mission Statement

It is the mission of West Point Public Schools to maximize the intellect and abilities of all students so they will be prepared for a life of continuous learning and be productive citizens in our increasingly global society.

Our Values and Beliefs
We believe...
    • Excellence must be exhibited in all we do
    • Every student is an opportunity and must be challenged
    • Each minute of our instructional day will be used to the fulfillment of our mission
    • Exercise of mind and body is essential for personal growth
    • Exploring evidence-based research is essential to fulfilling our mission
    • Efficient use of all resources is necessary for the realization of our mission
    • Every administrator, teacher and support staff is important to meeting our mission
    • Empowering our human assets with professional development and resources is critical to the fulfillment of our mission
    • Effective engagement of our parents and community enhances our mission
    • Effective learning takes place in a safe and secure learning environment