Arts Program

Arts Programs
Art Program
The goal of the fine arts program is to provide students with the opportunity to explore many aspects of visual expression such as painting, sculpture, and drawing.  The tools of visual communication foster the students' cultural awareness, develop creative problem solving skills, aid in the development of aesthetic values and self-awareness.  All levels of art instruction are individualized.

Music Program
The mission of music education is to provide opportunities for cultural enrichment and personal accomplishment through worthwhile performances and experiences.

Band provides an opportunity for students to develop basic skills and understanding of music fundamentals.  The organization will provide an opportunity for students to participate in the musical activities of their school and town and in various other musical activities throughout the area sponsored by local and state organizations.  The fundamentals of marching techniques are incorporated in the instructional program of the band class.  Attendance at performances ourside of school hours is required.  Admission to the band class is by permission of the instructor.

Chorus will provide students in grades 9-12 with an opportunity to develop their vocal music skills.  Besides, singing is fun.

Music Appreciation Class
This class will introduce students to many aspects of music.  The class is designed for any high school student to take, regardless of musical background.  Beginning concepts on all topics will be covered, so that any student may feel comfortable in the class, regardless of musical background.  The class will begin with music theory and music notation.  The students will gain an awareness of the history of music, and explore how it was influenced by other historical events.  The class will listen to music from various genres, and discuss career and vocational opportunities in the music field.