Misty Osborne, Cafeteria Manager, 804-843-2030 ext. 307

Larry Frazier, Administrator in charge of the cafeteria 804-843-4368 ext. 403

Applications for free and reduced priced meals will be sent home with students.  You may also contact Misty Osborne at or Larry Frazier at for an application. 
 A District of Excellence in Education
Health and School Nutrition
District of Excellence
West Point Public Schools will be striving to use the Governor’s Nutrition and Physical Activity Scorecard as our guideline. The best practices and policies recommended by the Virginia Action of Healthy Kids and the Joint Committee of the Board of Education and Board of Health are incorporated into the scorecard. This Program incorporates more emphasis on physical activity.
Health and Wellness Emphasis Nationwide, school districts are implementing wellness policies, as required by Child Nutrition Reauthorization Legislation.
To help prevent childhood obesity and to implement good eating habits, all food offered to students on school property, including vending machines must meet these requirements:
beverages offered must contain at 25% fruit juice with no sweeteners or caffeine; bottled water offered will have no added sugars or caffeine, milk will be low fat (1%), non fat, or flavored; sports drinks, soft drinks, punch and other juice drinks containing less than 25% fruit juice are not allowed.
               Snacks, sweets and side dishes offered will have less than 300 cal. per portion
               No more than 30% of total calories from fat, except seeds and nuts
               No more than 10% of calories from saturated fat;
               No more than 35% sugar by weight (except fresh, dried canned fruit or vegetables)
               West Point Public Schools will offer three fruit and vegetable choices which is up from two items offered in the past. All potato products and oils will contain zero Trans fat. All snacks and cookies will be reduced in fats or calories.
Technology Updates and Meal Payments
  • Meal payments offered through gives parents the opportunity to make Payments for their child’s meals (Lunch Ala Carte) using Visa, Master Card, or debit card. This online service allows parents to prepay money and to monitor their child’s purchases, set up low balance e-mail reminders and schedule recurring payments. 
  • Meal payments may be made in person as well as through use of a computerized point of service system. This allows students to have individual accounts for prepayment of meals and snacks.
Nutritional Value and Menu Selection Options
  • West Point Public Schools participates in The National School Lunch Program. The meals that are offered meet the established Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDA’s), student’s calorie needs and the dietary guidelines for Americans. The menu planning system provides students approximately 1/3 of the key nutrients for lunch.
  • As part of the school division’s menu planning system, each student may select from a variety of nutritional food items offered. This is intended to minimize waste and encourage more food choices. This system avoids forcing students to take food they do not want to eat. The guidelines for lunch are as follows:
  • All five food components must be offered to every student
      1.  Meats/Meat Alternative
      2. Grains/Breads
      3. Milk
      4. Vegetable
      5. Fruit


  • Serving sizes must equal the minimum required quantities of the appropriate grade
  • Lunch must be sold as a unit
  • Students have the option of which item(s) to decline
  • Students must take a full portion of at least three of the five items for lunch.